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Session 1

Session 1

Changing the Game
with sue and Rebekah

GLSEN'S "Changing the Game." All students have a right to feel safe and included at school. Whether in physical education classes or in competitive sports, all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, have a right to play and feel like they belong. I will discuss the importance of knowing your rights as well as explore GLSEN's revised and expanded program, Changing the Game, which includes updated and new resources as well as educational training. Rebekah will be also sharing her experiences as a transgender athlete.

Asexuality: A deep introduction
with yasmine

In my workshop, I'll be speaking about the asexual spectrum, debunking myths about asexuality, the importance of asexual visibility, a brief history of asexuality, issues facing the asexual community today and my asexual rights initiative - the Stonewall x Yasmin Benoit Ace Project - and our research into asexual discrimination in the UK.

Session 2

Session 2

trans panel
with ben, Christine, sven, Freddie, and ajay

The lives and experiences of trans people open a window into the challenges, concerns and issues impacting their lives. Gender non-conforming, non-binary, and trans people have the courage and fortitude to be who they are even in the midst of discriminating policies, programs and services which deny them access and equity. They are brave and forthright while thriving tto live authentically. The focus is "We're Here!"

Yac: becoming a youth leader
with tarun and zain

This workshop will be an interactive discussion for students and teachers about starting their own GSA. This will be hosted by two GSA leaders and organizers, who have worked for 4 years with GSAs. This workshop will include a presentation, showing the ins and out of organizing your own club, while providing time for interactive discussions and questions

Session 3

Session 3

our history matters: building an Lgbtq+ collection in the New York State Museum
with ashley

This workshop will talk about the process of building an LGBTQ+ history collection at the New York State Museum, and why preserving this history is important. While the history department of the museum is tasked with collecting and interpreting artifacts that tell the history of New York-- including all New Yorkers-- LGBTQ+ stories were missing from the collections. Participants will learn how we are building these collections, both by uncovering hidden queer histories already in the collection, and by reaching out to the community. We will talk about how we do historical research, and about exploring the depth of LGBTQ+ history that lies outside of New York City.

Handling Difficult discussions: a queer leader's guide
with river

The goal of my workshop is to start a discussion and give tips on what I've learned as a student leader on how to lead difficult, possibly triggering conversations that can come with running a queer space. Students and advisors should expect resources for various situations, when to cut a conversation short, how to interject or change topics, when to report a concern, and where you can go for more information or to report a concern, etc. 

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