Marvels Hero Panel

(Elijah Lee, Gitanjali Rao, Rebekah Bruesehoff)

In Marvel Hero Project, “Real Kids Making a Real Difference”

Here is an opportunity to talk with three amazing HEROS who have made a positive impact in their own communities. Join the Incredible Elijah, the Mighty Rebekah, and the Genius Gitanjali, as they share their stories and help us celebrate true HEROS.

LGBT Health: HPV and Cancer Prevention

(Domonique Noel)

In this workshop, discussion will center around HPV and HPV-associated cancer disparities and prevention to find LGBT-affirming providers. In addition, information will be provided on the association between smoking/vaping cessation for youth.

ABC’s of Zen: Creating Peace of Mind Across the Gender Spectrum

(John Marron)

This workshop will create a safe space to learn the basics of meditation, quiet breathing, posture, letting go of thinking, stress reduction, soft focus, loving kindness & being in the here & now with quality attention in a peaceful way

Drag King Culture: Express Yo-Self

(Sven Salvador & Lana Leonard)

Participants will get a glimpse into the history and culture of drag kings. Learning about some of the popular drag kings and drag king shows today. They will then share which drag kings and drag king looks inspire them most. Participants will have a chance to create their own drag persona. Bring your makeup, clothes, accessories, wigs, crowns, and more!

It’s time to drag it up!

Shine Your Sparkle

(Shannon Whittington)

Have you ever noticed someone that people always seem to gravitate to? They are always the life of the party. What is it about them that makes people drawn to their energy? They’ve got that sparkle. They’ve got that shine. But are these folks any different than you? Absolutely not. In this presentation, you will learn the necessary skills that will have people drawn to your sparkle. It’s simple. It’s easy, and it works. To stand out from the crowd, we have to do things differently. We sparkle with these key ingredients: Integrity, Listening, Understanding, Connecting, Empowering others.

Language Matters: The Big Impact of the "Little Things"

(Erik Esqueda)

Language Matters is a presentation that engages us all in conversation about how our words and actions build or breakdown communities. Today, we want to talk about how the little things we experience in our world and on our campus can make a big impact on who we are. Many assumptions we make are because we haven’t taken the time to get to know one another.


Trans Panel

(Dr. Christine Hamlett, Anthony Mazakas, Anastasia Willis)

The GLSEN GSA Forum Transgender Panel will be a cross-generational panel focusing on the similarities and differences of trans people of different backgrounds and navigating social support systems since coming out. Panelists will have the chance to talk about how their identities have impacted their experiences with friends and family members as well as how the current pandemic has impacted their current social support systems.

Draq Queens

(Divinity Banks)

Divinity Banks' Drag story, tips and tricks!

Queer Teen Podcast

(Anthony Giorgio)

Queer Teen Podcast LIVE! We will have a live discussion based on Queer Artists. How you contribute with your Artistry, what you want to see more of and how it is used for a voice inside the Queer Community.

Supporting South Asian Youth and Their Families

(Aruna Rao)

South Asian immigrant families of LGBTQ+ youth face multiple barriers to accepting their child's sexual orientation and gender identity, including misinformation, cultural and religious barriers and lack of community support. Nevertheless, some parents and families have forged ahead to not just accept but celebrate their children and work toward educating the community. Parent & LGBTQ+ activists will share their stories and offer suggestions and opportunities for individuals as well as groups interested in South Asian family acceptance.

Keepin' it 100: Living Your Authentic Life

(Dr. Scholar Lee)

Sharing my testimony as a black trans man, empowering the audience to interact, to ask my co-presenter and me questions about topics/situations they would like to be enlightened on.

GSA Advisors Roundtable

Facilitated by

Kristina Weiss & Sofia Capinha

This workshop will provide an opportunity to for GSA advisors to share their successes, struggles, and questions.


Keeping LGBT+ Kids Safe: An Open Discussion

(Gordon Sauer)

The last 4 years have been one of the most contentious periods in US history in which there have been a very concerning increase in HIB incidents across the country. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and the ways they can help LGBT+ youth feel safe.

Identifying Heteronormative Practices in Schools

(Kristina Weiss & Dr. Kara Ieva)

Heteronormativity is the societal norming of sexuality as hetero and gender as binary. Heteronormative practices exist within every facet of the education system and impact the climate of schools, often leaving LGBTQ students vulnerable to discrimination and bias. These discriminatory policies and practices place LGBTQ youth at a disadvantage for equitable treatment and cause disproportionate rates of disciplinary action. In order to dismantle this discrimination, heteronormative practices need to be recognized and challenged. This session will identify heteronormative practices within schools and explore ways to break down these barriers to create equitable and safe learning environments for LGBTQ students.

Intersectional Justice in the LGBTQIA Community

(Erick R. Anglero)

The LGBTQIA+ encompasses many different identities that make our experiences unique. Understanding more about ourselves and how we fit in society's structures are crucial for discussions about equity. Join us for a workshop about how we can turn conversation into action.

Resource Collaboration to Support Youth & Develop Future Leaders

(William Placek & Liz Millemann)

Resource Collaboration to Support Youth & Develop Future Leaders discusses the importance of connecting with local organizations with shared values and similar missions to develop services aimed at supporting LGBTQ youth. This workshop will review how PFLAG Jersey Shore and Ocean Partnership for Children formed a collaboration to develop new services in Ocean County and how this model is now being replicated in Monmouth County. The workshop will also include a strong focus on supporting LGBTQ youth navigating throughout their adolescent years to become leaders in advocacy for LGBTQ services, rights, and equality.

Leading Your Virtual GSA

(GSA Officers)

This Workshop will guide you and your GSA through these unprecedented times. You will receive advice and a detailed plan that you can customize for yourself from previous and current GSA officers. This workshop is intended for officers and members who are trying to restart their GSA.

Inclusive Curriculum

(Steve Koumoulis)

GLSEN and Make it Better 4 You have many different resources to help with the enacting of the new inclusive curriculum law in New Jersey. Together we will explore these and discuss some ideas as to how each teacher could include the topics and themes in their respective lessons.