Session 1


Celebrating Diversity in STEM Queer Science

This presentation is on curriculum in the teaching she has done through Ben-Gurion University of the Negev with Bedouin high school students on gender and sexual diversity, highlighting the interesting discussions and challenges. She will present about her experiences of being a queer scientist in three countries (the US, Canada, and Israel), and ideas on how to celebrate LGBTQ diversity in STEM, whether in academic settings, schools, or in public. 

Legal Issues in the LGBTQ+ Community

Can speak on any topic; legal issues for LGBTQ community; volunteering; pro bono work (LGBTQ asylum cases; transgender name changes, etc); Gays Against Guns (anti-gun violence group founded after Pulse shooting)

Panel: Navigating Queerness in College

A panel of 3-4 college students who are a part of the LGBTQ community. This will be a diverse and inclusive group of students. The topic of conversation will be Navigating Being Queer in College. This will cover safety and comfortability, the coming out process, finding friends and partners. First, there will be questions posed to the group and a couple panelists can answer the same question. These questions will take about 30 minutes to get through. Then, the floor will be for questions or concerns from the audience. There will be 10-15 minutes allotted for audience questions. 


Session 2

Rainbow Library

GLSEN's Rainbow Library sends LGBTQ+ affirming K-12 books to nearly 2,000 schools and libraries across the U.S. Learn about the program, how you can get involved, and the importance of queer affirming books in schools.

gsa student + advisor roundtable discussion

In this roundtable, both GSA advisors and officers will be able to collaborate and share their experiences. They will be able to speak about their experiences in running and sustaining a functional GSA. This will also be an open space for attendees to ask questions, coordinate upcoming events, and seek guidance on issues their GSA may be facing

Coming Out Stories

A roundtable discussion about coming out. Everyone will, if they want, have the platform to share their stories, help each other, and inspire others. 


Session 3

Drag KinG

This workshop will explore gender queerness through gender expression, gender identity, and history of the LGBTQ+ community.

existing within a contradictory identity

This workshop will discuss what it means to be a queer person in STEM. It will highlight the unfairness of the assumption that being queer and being in STEM is contradictory. Lastly, we will discuss the fact that existing in a contradictory identity can even be more freeing than oppressing.

LGBTQ Health: HPV, HIV, and Cancer Prevention

The workshop would discuss HPV, HIV and Cancer in the LGBTQ Community including an overview of HPV and cancer prevention, the association of HPV, HIV and smoking/tobacco use in the LGBTQ community and health resources for the LGBTQ community